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Dec 24 | Philippians 4:1-9

Read Philippians 4:1-9


One of the beautiful things about the Bible is how God’s choice of words make it perfectly clear what He expects of us. Today, we find a verse that does exactly that. Did you notice it? Paul tells the church in Philippi not to be anxious about “anything,” and in “everything,” to present their requests to God. That is all-inclusive. God does not want us to worry about one thing, no matter what it is. We should not fret or worry about anything. Instead, when we face something that could make us anxious, we are to take it to God in prayer. We must not only take it to God, but take it with a thankful heart. We must be thankful for the certainty that He will always provide and will always meet our needs. He will either take care of what concerns us or He will give us grace to allow it to strengthen us. Therefore, in everything, take your concerns to God. What are you anxious about today? What are you concerned might take place? Whatever the circumstances, do not be anxious. Instead, give it to God in prayer. Ask Him to take care of it. Then His peace will guard your heart. Why not take it to Him right now?