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Apr 9 | 1 Pet 4:12-19

Read 1 Pet 4:12-19


Does a passage of Scripture like today’s reading encourage or discourage you? If you understand the truth involved, it should encourage you. Again, Peter tells us that we will suffer. In fact, in verse 12 he tells us not to be surprised by painful trials as though something strange has happened. What should our response be to this truth? According to verse 13, it is to rejoice. As Christians, we often get bent out of shape when we suffer for doing good. We act as if this is something unheard of and not as Peter warned—something to be expected. Don’t acquire or develop a persecution/martyr complex. We ought to rejoice because we are experiencing Christ-like suffering. As a result of suffering for our faith, we will be overjoyed when He appears. If we are being insulted, we view it as a blessing and know that it means the glory of God rests on us. In other words, we should be honored that we are worthy to suffer for being a Christian. Is this your attitude? Have you suffered? How have you responded? Ask God to help you have a right perspective on suffering and a right response to those who cause it.