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Apr 8 | 1 Pet 4:1-11

Read 1 Pet 4:1-11


In what ways has God gifted you to serve and encourage the body of Christ? How is the body being influenced by the way you use your gifts? If you do not know the answer to those questions, you cannot comply with what today’s passage teaches. In verse 10, we are told to use whatever gifts we have received to serve others. We are to take the gifts God has given to us and use them to encourage and help the body of Christ. In this book, we have already learned that we are called to face all kinds of unjust suffering. While we know it produces positive results in our lives, it does not necessarily make it easier to endure. It is important, therefore, to be a part of the lives of our brothers and sisters by using our gifts to serve them. When we do, we are ministering God’s grace in different ways. We don’t have the option to sit back and not fulfill our responsibility to the body. If we do, the body loses the grace of God that should be administered. God has a purpose for you and, when you fulfill it, you administer God’s grace. What role does God want you to play? Do you know what your gifts are? How can you use them? How can you find out and get started?