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Apr 7 | 1 Pet 3:8-22

Read 1 Pet 3:8-22


What if someone came to you and asked you questions about your faith? Would you be able to give him answers? Could you tell him who Jesus Christ is and why He came to this earth? What if he wanted to know why you think you are on your way to heaven? What if he wanted to know why you believe the Bible to be the Word of God? Could you tell him? To encourage us along these lines, Peter gives us an admonition in today’s passage. In verse 15, he tells us to always be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks us the reason for the hope we have. Specifically, in this context, he explains that these opportunities will come our way as we respond in a godly manner to the suffering we experience for doing what is right. As we respond correctly to our suffering, some may speak maliciously against us, but some will want to know why we have hope in the midst of such hardship. At that moment, we need to be ready to give them the reasons for our hope. Can you verbalize the reasons? In what areas do you need to be better prepared to give an answer? What steps can you take to get yourself ready to give reasons for your hope?