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Apr 5 | 1 Pet 2:13-25

Read 1 Pet 2:13-25

To This

Have you ever made a decision to do the right thing and then had someone accuse you of doing something wrong? How did you feel when you suffered for doing right? If you have ever faced that kind of situation, then today’s reading should be helpful. It gives us a sobering, yet encouraging principle regarding unfair treatment. The phrase found in verse 21, “to this you were called” should wake us up a bit. Peter informs us that suffering for doing right is something all Christians should expect and prepare for. Knowing that, we can be encouraged by the fact that Jesus went through the same things. Peter tells us that He did so in order to leave us an example. How close are you to the example He provided? Look at the specifics. There was no deceit found in His mouth. Is there any in yours? He hurled no insults at those who insulted Him. Do you respond this way when people insult you? When He suffered, He made no threats, but instead entrusted Himself to the Father. Sound like you? What a powerful testimony this kind of life would be in our world today! What situation are you facing that demands the imitation of Christ in your life? Are you ready?