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Apr 30 | Jude 17-23

Read Jude 17-23

But You

What should we do, knowing that people will come who want to destroy us and our faith? The answer is found in today’s reading. Did you notice it? This book tell us that there will be people whose sole purpose is to destroy the message of the Gospel. In light of that, we are told by Jude to contend for the Gospel so that it remains pure. He ends the book by giving us two things we can do to prepare ourselves for their attacks. First, we need to build ourselves up in the faith (vs20). In order to do this, we must study our Bibles and make sure we know what it teaches. We must be continually growing and learning more. Second, we should pray in the Holy Spirit (vs20). He alone, not our selfishness or intellect, needs to be guiding our prayers. The bottom line is that we need to be committed to personal study and prayer. These two will give us the knowledge and the strength to be able to recognize and fight off the false teaching that will come. What are you doing to prepare yourself to be able to contend for the faith? Is your devotional life consistent? Daily? Do you pray guided by the Holy Spirit? How can you be more effective in those areas?