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Apr 3 | 1 Pet 2:1-12

Read 1 Pet 2:1-12

A Process

Has a word or phrase from your devotions ever caught your attention and revealed something new from God? There are a few such words in this passage. Did you notice them as you read? The first one is found in verse 5. It is the phrase “being built.” Do you realize the significance of those two words? Peter tells us with those words that the Christian life is a process. He wants to emphasize that even though we are saved and our salvation is secure, we are in the “process” of becoming like Christ. When one is born again, God begins the process of making him more like His Son. Peter says that we are “being built” into a spiritual house. We may not be one right now, but each day we get a little closer. It is important to realize that we are in process. Maturity occurs as we grow and move forward in our walk with God. We may not be perfect now, but we ought to see ourselves sinning less, having our devotions more, gaining more boldness, loving people more, etc. We may not be where we want to be, but we are moving toward the goal. Don’t become discouraged by the process. Be careful that you don’t regress.