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Apr 29 | 3 John 1-8

Read 3 John 1-8

Source of Joy

What brings you the most joy in your life? As you think back over this past week, what event brought a smile to your face? What is it about you that gives other people joy? In today’s reading, we get a glimpse into the heart of John and learn how he would answer those questions and how we can be an encouragement to others. John says that what brings him the most joy is to know that his children, those on whom he has had a spiritual impact, are walking in the truth. His joy comes from seeing others continue in their faith. He was concerned about their spiritual well-being even as they grew older. Even more amazing to consider is the potential that they had to be either a source of great joy or great sorrow to John. He loved them and cared about their relationship with God. We sometimes forget the impact our lives have on those who have invested time in us. We do not consider the pain or hurt we inflict when we do not walk with God. How much joy do those who have invested time and effort into your life get as they observe your walk with God? Have you ever thanked them for their efforts? Why not do so today?