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Apr 28 | 2 John 4-11

Read 2 John 4-11

Demonstrated Love

Can one say that he loves God and is a Christian, but not obey what the Bible teaches? No, he cannot, according to today’s reading. John wrote to some friends here in this small book and gave them a command. The command was to love one another. What does it mean to walk in love? According to these verses, it means to live a life of obedience. It requires loving Christ so much that you want to do what He says. It requires that you deliberately seek obedience. It requires obedience by choice, not by obligation or duty. All of this implies firsthand knowledge of His Word. We show our love by our desire to know what God’s Word teaches and then by living in obedience to what it tells us to do. We cannot say we truly love God if we do not do what He says. What does your life tell you about how much you love God? Are you obedient to His Word? Do you read it and study it so that you know what He expects of you? In what way can you be obedient today in order to show God and those who observe your life that you love Him? Find a new way to show Him how much you love Him. It is the least you can do.