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Apr 26 | 1 John 5:1-12

Read 1 John 5:1-12

These Three

What does John mean by saying that we have three witnesses that Jesus Christ is God—the Spirit, water, and the blood? There is some debate about this passage, but its truth is crucial and very clear. There are some who would argue that Jesus Christ was not God, but simply a man. Others would at least say that God came upon the man Jesus Christ when He was baptized. In other words, he became God. However, this passage makes it clear that those positions are not true. John tells us that both Jesus’ baptism (water), and His crucifixion (blood), prove that He was God. When referring to the water and blood, John used the verb “came by.” He uses that verb to emphasize that Jesus Christ wasn’t made God by these things but, as God, came by these things. John explained that His earthly ministry proved He was God from His birth to His baptism to His crucifixion. Beyond these two, the Holy Spirit also testifies to us that He is God! We can have confidence that Jesus Christ is God. His baptism, His crucifixion, and the Holy Spirit demonstrate it. What people do you know who would be open to this message?