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Apr 23 | 1 John 3:11-24

Read 1 John 3:11-24

Do Something

How do you feel when you see someone in your community who has a material need? What do you do when you hear he has no money to pay for basic needs or simple wants? How do you respond to the difficult circumstances in the lives of others when you hear about them? The response you give in these circumstances will reveal something about where you stand before God. John tells us that turning a blind eye to obvious needs demonstrates that we do not have God’s love in us. In other words, it shows we are not saved. It is not enough to see the needs and communicate them to others. It is a demonstration of love when we actually do something to meet the needs. He tells us not to be the kind of people who see needs and do nothing about them. In fact, when we see needs and do something to meet them, we demonstrate that we are saved. It is good to be burdened about needs, but it is better to do something about them. When is the last time you did something about a need you knew about? Are you aware of someone who has a need that you can help? Do not love with words only, but love with actions also! Look around today and see what needs you can meet.