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Apr 21 | 1 John 2:15-29

Read 1 John 2:15-29


What does John mean when he tells us not to love the world? Does it mean that we cannot be really close to anyone who is unsaved? The Greek word for world in this verse is cosmos. It is a word that refers to the world’s system, not to the people who live in it. It is the system that exists in our world that is opposed to God. John wanted us to know that we should not love what the world encourages us to love. Someone who loves the world is someone who finds pleasure in what the world offers. He is someone who wants the same lifestyle and value system that he sees on TV. It is wishing he could be like the people around him who are not obedient to God and wanting to engage in their activities. The reason is found in verse 16. John tells us that the world is made up of the desires of our fallen, sinful nature, and the temptations that face us encourage us to violate God’s standard. It also includes boasting about what we have as though it came from our human efforts, not God’s. How do you feel about the world and its system? Do you envy it and let it entice you or does your heart become burdened as you see the lives it destroys? What does your response tell you?