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Apr 20 | 1 John 2:1-14

Read 1 John 2:1-14


How can you tell if an individual is a believer? What characteristics demonstrate that he is truly saved? The book of 1 John is filled with characteristics that show up in the lives of those who have eternal life. As you read through this book, make a note in your Bible of what they are. Put a – next to those that are signs of unbelief and a + next to those that are true of one who is saved. In today’s reading, we find three characteristics of those who are saved. John wrote in verse 3 that if we are truly saved we will obey the commands of God. If we say we are saved, but do not obey what Scripture teaches, we are liars. In verse 6, we read that if we are truly saved, we will walk as Jesus did. There will be evidence that we are becoming more like Christ in every area of our lives. In verse 9, we see that our behavior towards our brothers in Christ also demonstrate our standing before God. If we are saved, we will love our brothers. Those who are not will hate their brothers. How does your life measure up to these standards? Do they give you assurance of your salvation or cause you to doubt the sincerity of it?