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Apr 2 | 1 Pet 1:13-25

Read 1 Pet 1:13-25

Be Holy

How should we respond to the truth revealed to us in yesterday’s reading? Should we live in any way we choose since our inheritance is secure? Peter follows his discussion about our salvation with the appropriate response to such incredible truth. First, he tells us that we should prepare our minds for action. We must realize that we are in a spiritual battle and must be ready. Secondly, we need to be self-controlled. We must not allow our feelings or desires to control us. Thirdly, we need to set our minds fully on the grace given to us. In other words, we must meditate on what our salvation really means. And finally, we must be sure that we are not conformed to the evil desires we had before we were saved. Why? Because doing so will enable us to be holy, which is our goal. Some might think that because our salvation is secure, we can behave any way we choose. That is not what Scripture teaches. After salvation, we are called to pursue holiness in every aspect of our lives by obeying these four commands. Put numbers next to these four instructions in your Bible to remind you to pursue holiness. It is what God expects.