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Apr 17 | 2 Pet 3:11-18

Read 2 Pet 3:11-18

So Then

What does the truth of yesterday’s reading mean to us who are alive today? How should we act since the return of Christ is certain? Peter answers these questions as he closes this book. First, he tells us that we should live holy and godly lives (vs11). The knowledge that the return of Christ is certain, yet delayed in order for the last ones to be saved, should motivate us to live lives that show the difference Jesus Christ makes. Secondly, we should make every effort to be found spotless, blameless, and at peace with God (vs14). All of our energy should be spent becoming a person who could be described this way. Again, Peter reminds us that the delay is so that others can be saved. Our light in the darkness is vital in order for them to see their need for Christ. Thirdly, Peter tells us to be on our guard (vs17). There are forces at work designed to teach us error and make us insecure in our relationship with Christ. Both of these could make us ineffective in reaching our worlds for Christ. We must help others see and then take advantage of their opportunities to trust Christ. In light of Christ’s return, we must live godly lives. Are you doing that?