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Apr 14 | 2 Pet 2:1-11

Read 2 Pet 2:1-11


Does today’s reading frighten you or give you hope? It can be alarming to realize that there are teachers in this world who are out to lead us astray. It’s frightening to realize that someone would introduce false information that purposefully leads us in a wrong direction. They will not speak the truth but, in order to exploit us, will make up stories that sound like the truth. Peter also tells us that their motivation is not to help us, but comes from a desire to get rich. In light of this, what follows is comforting. Verse 9 tells us that God knows how to rescue the godly. Punishment is coming for this kind of teacher. We need to be aware that they are out there and be on guard. We must arm ourselves so that we are not caught by them. We need to examine all teachers and ministers to see if they have true love for us, or if they are using us to become rich. We must study the Bible ourselves to make sure what we believe is truly found in Scripture and does not flow out of someone’s personal opinion. God hates false teachers and will punish them. We must arm ourselves, lest we fall prey to their schemes. Daily personal devotions is a good place to start.