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Apr 13 | 2 Pet 1:12-21

Read 2 Pet 1:12-21

Pay Attention!

Today we see one of the most important statements about the credibility of Scripture. Did you notice it? It is found in verses 20-21. Peter first tells us that he was an eye witness to much of what he had written concerning Christ. One would think that would make him a trustworthy source. However, he tells us that we have an even more trustworthy source than an eyewitness account. It is the Bible! Our Bibles are even more certain than someone’s eye witness account. The Bible is not simply an account of what an individual has seen, or his interpretation of what he saw. Even though the event was seen in person, the interpretation of what was seen could be biased. How we feel or what we want to see can alter the accuracy of our account. In contrast, our Bible came to us from men who were guided by the Holy Spirit, so that the words they wrote came not from their memories, but from God Himself. The result is a true, accurate, trustworthy, and unbiased account. We can have confidence in every word found in our Bibles. That is why Peter says in verse 19, “you will do well to pay attention to it.” Do you have this kind of confidence?