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Apr 12 | 2 Pet1:1-11

Read 2 Pet1:1-11


Why should we be motivated to add to our faith the qualities mentioned in verses 5-7? Since we are already on our way to heaven, why put forth the effort? According to verse 8, it is a guard to keep us from becoming ineffective and unproductive. If we do not have those qualities growing in our lives, we will become near-sighted and forget what God has done for us. In verses 3-4, Peter tells us that everything we need for living and godliness has been given to us. Notice that he says LIFE and godliness. The point is that adding these qualities to our faith does not just impact our “spiritual lives” but impacts everything. God has given us everything we need to be effective and productive in anything we do. Anything we need to live our lives and grow in our faith has been given to us by God and is contained within the pages of Scripture. Since all we need is found in Christ and the knowledge of His Word, we ought to be even more eager to grow in our faith. To neglect your faith results in being ineffective and unproductive in what really matters. How sad to be effective at what does not matter and ineffective at what does. Which is true of you?