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Apr 1 | 1 Pet 1:1-12

Read 1 Pet 1:1-12


What is the difference between perishing, spoiling, and fading? Is Peter simply saying the same thing in three different ways or is there more significance to these words? When we look closely at the meaning of these three words, we discover a unique definition for each. First, Peter tells us that our inheritance cannot perish. This means that it cannot decay or become corrupt. Secondly, we are told it cannot spoil. This means that it is not affected by evil and it is without defect or flaw. Finally, Peter explains that our inheritance cannot fade, which tells us that time does not affect it. By using these three words, Peter demonstrates that there isn’t anything, external or internal, that can or will impact our inheritance. He explains that it is, right now, being kept for us in heaven. How much more certain can your salvation be than for you to know it is waiting in heaven and nothing external or internal can impact it? Who can have this certainty? According to verse 5, those who are shielded by God’s power through faith. Allow the certainty of your salvation to give you peace and confidence.